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Results of the recent Ridgely's parking survey

The summary of the parking survey is as follows: There were five statements addressing parking rules and people were asked to rate their approval of them on a 1-5 star basis. 1 star being lowest (I would never support) and 5 being the highest (I would enthusiastically support). The highest rated statement (changing the hours of the two hour free parking window in the north part of the neighborhood) received an average of 3.62 which is above 3 (I could go either way) but short of 4 (I would support). The lowest rated statement was zero tolerance (no 2 hour parking 24/7) for the whole neighborhood with 2.5 average.

Some of the useful comments that people provided were: Address enforcement foremost; implement 1 or 2 hour parking 24/7 for friends to drop by; change the number of passes (sticker or guest) allowed; see if VPP helps with enforcement of current rules before making a change.

Data Analysis
Data & Comments spreadsheet


Parking Restrictions

photo of signParking restrictions are in force Monday through Friday between 7 a.m. and midnight in all signed blocks in Ridgely's Delight. Cars without permits may park for up to two hours except on days of stadium events.


Street Sweeping

The City has a mechanical street sweeping program designed to reduce trash on our streets and pollution and waste that goes into our urban streams and the Inner Harbor.


Beginning March 2015, parking is prohibited from 8 a.m. to noon:

  • odd side of the street on the third Wednesday
  • even side of the street on the fourth Wednesday

You must park on the other side of the street on sweeping days or you will be ticketed.  

Street sweepers do not operate on City holidays and during snow emergencies. Traffic signs are subject to enforcement by any agent with the power to do so, including Baltimore Police. Therefore, use caution when parking in areas subject to enforcement at any time and under any circumstances.

Parking Permits/Passes Expire June 30

As the renewal date approaches, you can visit this page to learn how to renew your permits and visitor's pass for the coming year.

Resident Permits (Windshield Decals) 

Residents of Ridgely's Delight may purchase annual permits (windshield decals) from the City's Residential Parking Permit (RPP) office at 200 W. Lombard St.

Vehicles must be registered to a Ridgely's Delight address (Maryland Vehicle Registration) with the following exceptions:

  • Vehicles registered to students, medical personnel, and members of the armed services (proof required).
  • Vehicles registered to out-of-state addresses but used by students, medical personnel, and members of the armed services require a Nonresident Permit. 
  • Leased cars not registered to a Ridgely's Delight address require a lease agreement. 
  • Company cars require a notarized letter stating that the operator resides in Ridgely's Delight and may park in Area #5. 
  • Drivers of company cars registered out of state must contact the Parking Authority at 443-573-2800.

Permit expiration date: June 30; new permits must be displayed by July 1 of each year (may be displayed upon receipt)


Fee: $20.00 for each annual permit (decal) for up to four vehicles per legal household.

Visitor Permits: (Dashboard Cards) 

photo of carEach household is eligible for one visitor permit at $20.00.

Visitor permits are not to be used as a substitute for a $20.00 residential parking pass decal and are not to be sold or lent out on a regular basis. Abuse of visitor permits can lead to their confiscation.


How to Get a New Permit and/or Visitor Pass

If you have never had a permit or visitor's pass, you must go to the RPP office at 200 W. Lombard St. Be sure to bring the documetation listed below and payment in the form of debit or credit card or check or money order made payable to "Director of Finance."

How to Get Your Annual Permit (Renewal) and Visitor Pass

  • Register online when the City's system is open for renewals in May and pick up at a site in Ridgely's Delight in June. The pick-up date and location will be published in the newsletter and on this site. 
  • Downtown at the office of the Parking Authority of Baltimore City Residential Parking Permit section, 200 West Lombard Street. 
  • If you didn't register in time for the neighborhood pick-up or if you missed the pick-up, you must call the City RPP office at 443-573-2800. The City will offer some night and weekend hours prior to the July 1 renewal date to accommodate those who missed the neighborhood pick-up. Check the Parking Authority's website for dates and times of extended hours as the renewal date approaches. This information will also be posted in the newsletter and on this site.


Short-term (30-60 days) Temporary Permits

Temporary permits are available for vehicles that will be parked in Ridgely's Delight for fewer than six months. Call the Residential Parking division at 443-573-2800 for more information.


Residents may obtain up to four one-day guest passes for non-stadium event days. There is no charge for the passes. They are available at the office of the Parking Authority of Baltimore City Residential Parking Permit section, 200 W. Lombard St. Be sure to bring proof of residence.

Documentation Needed for Parking Permits: 

photo of vehiclesFor Windshield Decals and Visitor Passes:

  1. Current Maryland vehicle registration with your Ridgely's Delight address on it (unless you have a Maryland registration and are a full time student with a current Student ID)
  2. One of the following documents that provides proof of residency:
    • current lease signed by all parties that is not month to month; month-to-month leases require residents to come to the PABC office each month to renew their permit
    • proof of home ownership (settlement papers)
    • active driver’s license that reflects your current address
    • utility bill in your name, reflecting current address, that is no less than 30 days old
  3. Any Photo ID

Special Categories:

  • Students, medical personnel, or members of the armed services whose vehicles are registered in MD, but not in Ridgely's Delight: ID cards and proof of residence, (lease, telephone bill or gas and electric bill) 
  • Company car: notarized letter 
  • To prove dual residences: notarized letter 
  • Leased vehicle registered to another MD address: lease agreement. 
  • Vehicles registered outside of MD: Non-resident permit (State MVA)

Where to Get a Motor Vehicle Non-Resident Permit

  • Visit a full service center of the Motor Vehicle Administration. The closest centers are at Mondawmin and Glen Burnie.
  • Call the Motor Vehicle Administration at 800-950-1682 and request an application.

Parking Authority Office

200 W. Lombard Street, Suite B
Baltimore, MD 21201
443-573-2800, extensions 863, 845, or 851.

Office hours are 8 a.m. to 5 p.m., Monday to Friday. 

Please park at the Arena Garage, entrance at 99 S. Howard Street, for free validation.



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