January 2022 Community Meeting

Wednesday, January 5, 2022 - 7:00pm

There will be an online community meeting on Wednesday, January 5, at 7 pm.

Anyone who lives, works, or owns property in Ridgely’s Delight is welcome, but preregistration for this Zoom event will be required.


New Year's Greeting  (3 min)
Bobby Goodfellow
Police report (5 minutes)
Time for questions as allotted time allows
Neighborhood Spotlight  (5 min)
Twenty Seven Gems
2021 All-Neighborhood Meeting Structure (3 min)
Bobby Goodfellow
ARC report (3 minutes)
Paul - December approvals / denials
Parking report (5 minutes)
Ab - Update on app, tickets, recommendations
Return of Board Meetings (3 minutes)
Bobby Goodfellow
New Business: All new business will have a 5 minute discussion maximum at which point it will be acted upon or tabled and added to the next agenda.
Mini Library - New library for Conway & refurbishment of old library for placement in tot-lot