Exterior changes to properties in Ridgely’s Delight

Ridgely’s Delight is designated as an historic district and, because of that, exterior changes to properties in Ridgely’s Delight are subject to regulations that are designed to preserve the historic and architectural value of our buildings.  Because of this designation, before any changes or additions are made to the exterior of a building in Ridgely’s, an Application for Approval to Proceed (ATP) must be submitted to the Commission for Historical and Architectural Preservation (CHAP), which makes decisions on those applications.  This form and instructions on how to submit it are found at: ATP Application

The CHAP Guidelines on what changes are permitted are found at: CHAP Guidelines

In addition, we have an Architectural Review Committee in Ridgely’s that serves as the historic district’s liaison to CHAP.  This committee’s role is to provide local knowledge, insights and recommendations to help CHAP make their decisions.  Members of that committee will be happy to answer questions or provide guidance on the process or on changes that are being considered.  They can be reached at: arc@ridgelysdelight.org.