October Community Meeting

Wednesday, October 7, 2020 - 7:00pm

The October community meeting will be held online. Everyone is welcome. 


  1. Welcome
    1. Approval of minutes from September
  2. Presentation by Seema Shah-Nelson, the George Washington Elementary Community School Organizer on improving the school’s grounds.
  3. 733 W. Pratt and 207 S. Fremont Development – Representatives from the developer wil be present to discuss the proposal. We plan to use this time to simply provide folks information on where we can find the materials and any additional items that the ARC committee did not cover in their committee report.
  4. Committee reports
    1. Parking – Ab
    2. SWGP – Bill
    3. Beautification – Megan
    4. ARC – Paul
    5. By laws – Paul
  5. 500 Washington Blvd. – Update on future reopening or closing of the street.
  6. New Business – Given the virtual format for the meeting,  the length of the agenda, and consideration of people’s time, we kindly ask that folks who would like to discuss items not covered in the agenda wait to do so at this point in the meeting.
  7. Adjourn