October board meeting

Melvin & Penn Tot lot
Wednesday, October 12, 2022 - 7:00pm


- Quorum check
- Confirmation of prior board meeting minutes

Old Business Recap: 

  • Holiday Party - Maya and Karin to plan party and bring ideas to community meeting in November

  • Ordering Checks - 

  • November Election & agenda

New Business

Hybrid meeting setup purchase
Thanks and election details
2023 calendar: spring event, spring mulch day, gala planning; other big items?

Community members are always welcome to attend. Community comment periods will occur 1) prior to voting on a resolution 2) Prior to the end of the board meeting. Prior to voting comments will be limited to 1 minute per individual and end of meeting comments limited to 2 minutes per individual; individuals may not yield their time to others.

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Meeting ID: 827 6675 0264
Passcode: 723654