April 2021 Community Meeting

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Meeting date: 
Wednesday, April 7, 2021


Approval of minutes from March approved 

PABC presentation – Steve Robinson (Residential Parking Permit Manager)

  • VPP

    • RD is one of the two neighborhoods that is testing this

    • License plates will be used to determine who is parking

    • No longer will need to come to office to get permits

    • Better management and better enforcement (easy and quick approval)

    • Website is up now and working (active accounts at Riverside neighborhood)

    • Enforcement uses a reader on a smartphone to read tag, but eventually have “reader cars” to do this

    • Software is up and running and will work closely with RD parking committee

    • Guest permits (need to be scheduled online by resident): 

      • Enter date and time period

      • Enter license plate number

    • Pilot program (now running in Riverside)

      • Not perfect so need feedback (take survey)

      • Timeline will be dependent on when the mayor reopens the city

  • Questions

    • If car enforcement notes a violation how immediate will violation notice be implemented?

      • Car will drive the whole area and make electronic note of violations, then a separate unit will come by and issue physical tickets

    • Are we going to get more enforcement?

      • Yes. If you are in a VPP area, you will get the best enforcement the city has to offer

    • How does it relate to the 2-hour parking limit?

      • Will use GPS to note how long at one space

    • Will there be an app?

      • We have a mobile friendly website and an app releasing soon

    • Can this system flag visitor pass abuse?

      • If you want to use a pass, you have to log on to a website and give drivers license info to get pass

      • We will be able to see on a macro level how visitor guest permits are being used

    • How would this work with people who have caregivers?

      • Can apply for this and can work with guest permit

    • But you cannot use the guest permit every day, correct?

      • Limitations on visitor’s passes is a regulation not a code

      • We need to tackle it. That is what the big data mentioned above will help to analyze and determine what might work best

    • A lot of people who work nearby “jump around” every couple of hours. Can we get data on how many 2-hour violations occur in our neighborhood?

      • I can provide you with that data

      • VPP we will catch this in a heartbeat

    • Can it see license plates if we are parked really close?

      • Yes.

Committee reports

SWGP – Bill

  • No report

Beautification – Megan

  • No Report

Treasury – Chad

  • Haven’t spent any money

  • Cash balance is the same as the last report

  • 2020 budget as a general goal for 2021

  • Al: Motion to carry the 2020 budget into 2021, Megan: seconded, approved

ARC- Paul

  • Progress on Pratt St. 

  •  The committee is considering two other residential projects, Portland St is close to getting support. 

  • 640 Melvin is a gut, but ARC has offered support and final recommendation was sent to CHAP

  • Possibility of keeping a log was put out to the ARC committee today for comments

New Business

Bringing back the COP walk

  • Maia suggested that we restart it (in a COVID safe way)

  • Maia would lead it, if Linda cannot. Linda said she would help as a secondary of Maia agrees to be primary

  • An officer can be provided for COP walks

  • Maybe add a midday, lunchtime walk as well?

  • Paul Motion: if midday walk is done by at least three people they should get the same. Megan seconded.  Motion passed 

Is there anybody to talk to at Stadium Authority to clean up around Camden Yards at Russell Street (which they did in the past)

  • Al agreed to follow up

Update on trash can on Tot Lot

On the city’s list, but not done yet

Adjournment 7:58pm